Sunday, 9 November 2008

Sunday, 26 October 2008

26th October, 2008

Alex with her new dressage jacket.
She hasn't yet mastered dressage but she looks the part

Alex looking very grown up in her new dressage jacket (early birthday present).
She looks the part for the 'horsey' scene!!

24th October, 2008. Halloween costumes

Alex and Lewis just before their school halloween disco

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Footie Mad!

Lewis has recently taken to football and loves it.
18th October, 2008

Lewis clearing the leaves

Big Hair!!

18th October, 2008. Helping clear the autumn leaves

16th October, 2008

Jake loves his bed, although, he has eaten much of it!!
4 months.

Friday, 17 October 2008

Jake, 9 weeks old. August 2008
He will grow into his ears!!
Lewis, having enjoyed himself playing on Hopeman Beach
August 2008

Alex on Hopeman Beach
August 2008
Alex and Lewis on Hopeman Beach
August 2008

Jake (9 weeks) and Jana (10 months)

Little Soldier Boy, Lewis (I don't know if Crocs are standard issue in the army)
Aug 08

Jake finds a nice warm place to curl up.
Jake 10 weeks old.
Aug 08

The Muirs at a once in a lifetime meeting with Santa and Mrs Claus.
December 2007

All wrapped up in Lapland for our visit to Santa's workshop in the forest.
December 2007

Lewis in Lapland, Christmas 2007

Alex in Lapland, Christmas 2007
Jake with his good friend Poppy, the Boxer. She may look as though she is giving him a friendly cuddle, but this is just before she pins him to the ground
August 2008
Alex with her new 'baby'
4th Aug, 08
4th Aug 08
Soooooo relaxed and at home
4th Aug 08
Jake. 1st day at home. 7 weeks
Jake 1st day at home. 7 weeks
Survived the long journey home and recovering from travel sickness.
4th August, 2008